Poweredge Solutions Phils., Inc. is committed to serve you.

We put together our products, our people and our years of professional experience to give you unparalleled service. Our advantage as a company is your edge. We align our strategies with your business and developmental initiatives. We combine your knowledge, resources and expertise with ours so we can yield the most appropriate, efficient and cost-effective package. We manage your power so you can stand out in your increasingly competitive business environment.

Because business scenarios are changing, we can give you the best of both worlds: To implement ready-made solutions capable of being customized as the need arises as well as to tailor-fit-applications and address your unique requirements. We offer tested methodologies in implementing our various service offerings:

  • UPS & ATS Consultancy
  • UPS & ATS Installation and Maintenance
  • Battery Installation and Maintenance
  • UPS & Battery Monitoring
  • UPS & ATS Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics (RM&D)
  • UPS & ATS Maintenance Contracts
  • Battery Maintenance Contracts
  • Electrical Services
    • Electrical Consultancy
    • Electrical Cabling Supply and Installation

We forge real long-term partnership with you. We go beyond service contracts. Safe and managed power is our business.